Summer Date Ideas

Summer means great weather, tons of time spent outdoors and the shedding of layers. Make sure every second of your summer romance is spent actually romancing your sweetheart, not hemming and hawing over plans, with these Summer Date Ideas...

Stargazing Picnic

Make dinner, grab some bug spray, and head outside or up to the roof to eat under the stars. You can make it romantic by setting up lights, pillows and blankets—your own romantic rooftop fort. Make a playlist for the occasion as you lie back and try to point out as many constellations as you can. It's the perfect setting for a perfect kiss.

Fly a Kite

Kite flying is a great activity date for the couple who wants to get outside but isn't too sporty. It's a fun throwback to being a kid, just active enough to keep things interesting but not so consuming that it prevents you from maintaining a conversation. You'll have a good time laughing together while trying to get your kite in the air (it's surprisingly difficult!), and once it's up, you can kick back and watch it fly while date conversation flows effortlessly.

Attend a Fair or Festival

A fair is a great summer date spot, because it combines all kinds of date activities in one location: food, activity, people watching, and just walking around. You can learn a lot about your date based on their fair preferences: do they like the rides, or prefer the animal showcases? Be sure to hit up the carnival games for some friendly competition, which studies show is one of the most important elements of a date and naturally leads to flirting.

Go for a Bike Ride

Here's a recipe for a totally original summer date that's fun, easy and promotes real bonding. Ingredients: 2 bikes & 1 portable boom box. Bump your favorite summer tunes and ride around the celebrating the season for all to see. Guaranteed "awwwwww" generator.

Brunch and a Matinee 

Dinner and a movie? Been there, done that. What about brunch and a matinee? You and your date can indulge by sleeping in, enjoying a nice, leisurely brunch then catching an afternoon flick. If you're on a budget, matinee tickets might come with a discount. A meal, a movie, and then hours of the day left to relax as a couple? Truly priceless.

Now you have some great summer date ideas. But do you have a date?

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