Making a Good First Impression

Here's how to make an impression on every one you meet:

Know the News: Current events are automatic chitchat topics. Know the deets on that interesting new study that just came out. (But do stay away from politics) Goodbye, awkward silences!

Be the First One to Smile and Make Eye Contact: You may be more willing to smile back at someone if they make the first move, but you'll meet way more people if you take a pro-active approach. Find someone who's not currently engaged in a conversation and looks approachable, and look their way. If they grin back at you, that's a green light to head over there and start chatting.

Make Your Intro Memorable: Try a 7 to 9 second greeting, including your name and - instead of your job title - one reason you're passionate about what you do. If you say something compelling about what you do - rather than just rattling off your title - you'll strike up a much better conversation.

Pretend the Person You're Talking to is the Only One in the Room: There is nothing more off-putting and insulting to people than to have someone talking to them and looking around to see who else is in the room. It might sound obvious, but you know you've had someone do this to you—so don't let yourself be guilty of this the next time you go to an event. Same goes for checking your phone mid-conversation

Open Up About Yourself: If all you're doing is asking questions, that gets tiring, and people may think you're nosy, instead ask that person about him or herself and comment on their responses, but also go ahead and share your own stories. Be sure to keep it upbeat and focus on topics that will keep the convo going so that you don't come off as too self-obsessed. As long as you're giving them room to respond to what you're saying, you're good.

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